Late night maneuvering for Open Studio 2013


Photograph: Ya2eed Kamaldien

What is it about the prospect of an open studio that pulls me back into the paint, has me reworking a painting that has been la2ily checking me out from a corner of the studio. Or how about getting going on some of those blank page canvases right now. Something great about picking up a slick wet canvas and nailing it there and then onto the wall.  Then there’s the fun of placing this next to that and a chance narrative of splat and slide, blue and crimson black, umbrella and bridge.

Open Studio 13

 Date: Friday 6  december 17:00 – 20:30
                  Saturday 7 december 11:00 – 16:00

Exhibition continues 9 to 13 december (by appointment) 

Address: 2 Comlekci Sokak, Cayirbasi, Istanbul

About dianapage

I am a South African born artist living in Istanbul, Turkey. Predominantly a painter, I have also directed a trilogy of art performances on rooftops in Cape Town, Istanbul and New York. My work in painting, drawing, digital animation and performance is founded in a cosmopolitan experience of place.
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