Late night maneuvering for Open Studio 2013


Photograph: Ya2eed Kamaldien

What is it about the prospect of an open studio that pulls me back into the paint, has me reworking a painting that has been la2ily checking me out from a corner of the studio. Or how about getting going on some of those blank page canvases right now. Something great about picking up a slick wet canvas and nailing it there and then onto the wall.  Then there’s the fun of placing this next to that and a chance narrative of splat and slide, blue and crimson black, umbrella and bridge.

Open Studio 13

 Date: Friday 6  december 17:00 – 20:30
                  Saturday 7 december 11:00 – 16:00

Exhibition continues 9 to 13 december (by appointment) 

Address: 2 Comlekci Sokak, Cayirbasi, Istanbul


About dianapage

Artist moving between countries, cities and media. Currently living in Istanbul, formerly resident in Cape Town, South Africa. Divide my time between the solitude of the studio and walking the city and playing with friends.
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