Picturing the homes of two heroes (kahraman (Tr): hero)

I often have occasion to pass by the pink yali on the Bosphorus where Argonauts one of my recent Istanbul paintings now lives.


Paying the painting and the home of its discerning collectors, the  Kahraman family a visit I was struck by how the bold abstraction of the painting “The Argonauts” and the contemporary funkiness of the painted ceramic bowl “Trafik” spoke happily to the ornate decorativeness of the old Ottoman Yali. Although this is an historic Istanbul home its interior has a fresh upbeat perkiness which keeps the chandeliers tinkling and adds new bloom to the rose strewn carpets. A delightful home for works of art, old and new.

IMG_2312 copy IMG_2315 copy Image

In the loft bedroom where the owner’s budding designer daughter  stays when home from London, “The Argonauts” continues its journey with the ships viewed from the balcony.


Inspired by my visit to the Kahraman family, I continue to Ortakoy and the tranquil family home of Kristin and Kahraman Cicekciler.  Kristin is the collector of the large oil painting Hull and more recently Halic  Lantern. Here Kristin has cleverly arranged carefully chosen objects and colours, bringing a monumentality to the piece.


An intriguing  mannequin, espied in the window of a prominent Istanbul retailer takes on a sculptural presence as she appears to watch over the painting.


The apartment houses a significant collection of paintings, and the owner clearly has a special fondness for each of them. Kristin shows me “Halic Lantern” in its easy but elegant new home among the books and the paintings.


About dianapage

I am a South African born artist living in Istanbul, Turkey. Predominantly a painter, I have also directed a trilogy of art performances on rooftops in Cape Town, Istanbul and New York. My work in painting, drawing, digital animation and performance is founded in a cosmopolitan experience of place.
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2 Responses to Picturing the homes of two heroes (kahraman (Tr): hero)

  1. jenny parsons says:

    Apasolutely beautiful! The very best job satisfaction – to see your paintings enhancing a unique and personal living space.

  2. Eckhard Muller says:

    Merhaba Di, Well done !A credit to you. Keep it up


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