Shifting shapes on the Bosphorous

Its been a while since I’ve been here. Most days find me walking next to the Bosphorous or working in my new garden studio. That sounds rather too “World of Interiors” for this particular space which lies somewhere between a makeshift construction and an excavation. It is in “Potter’s Street” which is particularly apt since I share the studio with a potter. Twenty or thirty years ago another potter lived and worked here and his hardy and ruggedly thrown pots scatter the garden. When we arrived the garden had been completely neglected; olive, quince and pomegranate trees grew bravely on amongst the builder’s rubble. Part of the garden used to house chickens, so the potter’s daughters tell us. Many walks to and from the studio later, and the garden is emerging revealing a Bay tree, while the quince tree is a sort of plumb line to the view from my studio window.
The best days are when I arrive at the studio invigorated from my walk, my head full of fluttering birds.
The paintings that finally settle on those days are surprising.
“Spun Ship” was such a painting.


About dianapage

Artist moving between countries, cities and media. Currently living in Istanbul, formerly resident in Cape Town, South Africa. Divide my time between the solitude of the studio and walking the city and playing with friends.
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