The blank page

I have moved from blogger to wordpress. It is part of that need for a fresh canvas, a white sheet of paper, the blank page. It coincides incidentally with a studio clear out. Unlike Francis Bacon  or Frank Auerbach whose studios in their accumulated layers, become works of art in themselves, I have the need every now and then to sweep out, reorder, organize, scrape off, clean up.  At the moment I seem destined to tread lightly, and in my studio also. It is a gift, a room of my own, a quiet space in the cacophany of this city, Istanbul but it is just for now.


About dianapage

Artist moving between countries, cities and media. Currently living in Istanbul, formerly resident in Cape Town, South Africa. Divide my time between the solitude of the studio and walking the city and playing with friends.
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One Response to The blank page

  1. Lucy says:

    Welcome the move, love the change, can’t wait to see your exhibition

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